Getting Leave to Remain

When you get a positive decision from the Home Office, you will be notified by letter or by you legal rep.
In addition to this you will be issued with a new ID card known as a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit)
When Refugees are granted status, they are given a 28 day transition period to ‘move on ‘from Asylum Support to mainstream benefits.
You should do 3 things immediately after getting your BRP:
  • apply for benefits
  • get a bank account
  • arrange your housing
  • make sure you have been given a National Insurance Number which should be on the back of your BRP
This means you will:
Stop getting your cash allowance (usually £37.75 per week)
• have to move house - if you’ve been given somewhere to live as an asylum seeker
Once you’ve got refugee status, you’ll get permission to work in the UK - in any profession and at any skill level. If you’re not ready or able to look for work and have very little or no income, you can apply for benefits.