Escape to Safety soundtrack

Escape to Safety – a simulated experience of asylum seeking

Put yourselves in an asylum seekers’ shoes, and discover the realities of fleeing your country to find safety in the UK. ‘Brilliant – makes you feel what it’s like to be a refugee,’ (secondary school pupil) ‘Changed my mind about refugees,’ (secondary school pupil) Escape to Safety is an exhibition that you walk through, listening to refugee stories, but it is also now a film that can be used for online learning. Escape to Safety is suitable for the Citizenship curriculum for KS3 upwards, but also has strong links to English, PSHE, History, Geography and RE.

Using Escape to Safety for online learning

The activities below form a one hour lesson or workshop.

Learning Outcomes

Increased understanding of why refugees flee their countries Increased understanding of the challenges finding safety in the UK Increased understanding of the challenges of being an asylum seeker Here you can listen to Global Link’s fifth Escape to Safety Soundtrack – now a digital story – produced in 2020