Covid-19 Stories

Global Link is one of countless charities and voluntary sector organisations that supported and continue to support vulnerable people in Lancaster District throughout the pandemic. Struck by the incredibly positive, swift and decisive response of both Lancaster City Council and our partners in the VCSF (voluntary, community, social and faith) sector, we decided that we wanted to document and celebrate what we think has been an extraordinary response from Lancaster and Morecambe’s community to helping each other through the crisis.

So, over the summer of 2020 we trained refugee and asylum seeker volunteers to gather these stories, while other volunteers transcribed and wrote up the stories. This booklet is the outcome of this project, and is a celebration of volunteers, volunteering, partnership working and the people of Lancaster and Morecambe. Download the booklet here .

These stories will move and inspire you. You will hear how volunteering and partnership working has both made a huge impact in helping vulnerable people, but also how it has helped the volunteers themselves to build their own confidence and skills, connect with other people, and give them a feeling of self-worth.

You will hear how generous the wider community of Lancaster and Morecambe has been, not only as volunteers, but with donations and money. You will hear about the importance of community and people helping each other, and you will see how the voluntary sector has # never been more needed

David's Story

David Murphy from ACORN talks about the work of his organisation during the pandemic, including setting up a mutual aid network and supporting the student rent strike.

Grace's Story

Grace Ola reflects on her voluntary work at The Olive Branch foodbank in Lancaster and what she has learned from this experience.

Ibrahim's Story

Ibrahim Shawish talks about volunteering for Eggcup, a food redistribution centre, and how he sees this as a way to 'give back' to the country that has welcomed him and his family as refugees.

Janet's Story

Janet Waller reflects on her journey as a volunteer for Positive Futures and the work of the organisation in supporting people's mental health and well being during the pandemic.

Joanna's Story

Joanna Young describes how Morecambe Bay Foodbank responded to the crisis and highlights the value and importance of collaborative working.

Kate's Story

Kate Howell began volunteering for The Olive Branch foodbank at the start of the lockdown. Here she speaks about the powerful impact the experience has had on her.

Pete's Story

Pete Moser from More Music talks about the power of music and community in creating connections and lifting spirits in care homes in the District during the crisis.

Yak's Story

Yak Patel from Lancaster CVS describes how the Covid crisis has highlighted the vital work of the voluntary sector.

Rachel's Story

Rachel Thorp explains why she decided to volunteer for Morecambe Bay Foodbank after her A Level exams were cancelled and what she's got out of the experience.