Iraq news

Hello world!

Just to make sure that you know the situation in Iraq. let me enlighten you, Iraqis are being killed everyday by the Iraqi government for protesting and asking for their rights that has been stolen for 16 years now and what we got when we asked for our rights, well let me tell you what happened!
1-The protester were faced with expired tear gas that had a major effect on the protesters health that caused major injuries and deaths.
2-Using a military grad tear gas grenades which is heavier than the normal grenades and it was aimed directly towards the protesters and it caused hundreds of casualties between death and sever injuries in head and vital areas of the body.
3-Live shooting at the protesters that caused hundreds of deaths and hundreds of injuries.
4- After days of the protests the government started using unknown gases against the protesters that had an effect on the nervous system and it is internationally prohibited to use it!
5- The government started to cut down the internet for weeks and block all social media platforms to stop the coverage of human rights valuations and what the government is doing to the unarmed protesters and that caused the loss of millions of dollars to Iraq.

The numbers from October till now are 400+ deaths and 10000+ injuries, terrifying right!