Coronavirus in EL SALVADOR

Coronavirus in EL SALVADOR

The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached El Salvador on 18 March 2020. As of 26 April 2020, El Salvador reported 323 cases, 8 deaths and 89 recoveries.[ As of that date El Salvador had arrested more people for violating the quarantine than it had diagnosed cases of COVID-19, a total of 2,323 people had been arrested for violating quarantine orders, and 20,109 people had been tested for the virus. On 31 March 2020, the first COVID-19 death in El Salvador was confirmed.

A prison emergency has been declared in El Salvador as the country’s murder rate spiked from zero during lockdown, to 22 in just one day.
President Nayib Bukele announced a 24-hour lockdown inside prisons, meaning inmates were crammed together in one room, sitting one behind the other.
Many of the prisoners were seen wearing face masks and just their pants, with their heads were just inches away from each other.
President Bukele said gang leaders would be sent into solitary confinement in a bid to fight the rise in murders across the country.
He wrote on Twitter: “No contact with the outside world. Shops will remain closed and all activities are suspended until further notice.

El Salvador, in Central America, has one of the strictest lockdowns in the area to battle the disease.
The country began a nationwide lockdown on March 22, a day before the UK.
It has said that anyone breaking the strict measures will go to prison.
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