Syria Idlib

Tens of thousands flee as Syrian forces continue Idlib advance

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled parts of Syria's northern Idlib province towards the border with Turkey as Russian-backed Syrian forces gain ground following days of renewed attacks against the last rebel-held enclave. Civilians have been fleeing bombardment en masse for a fourth consecutive day from towns and villages eastern and southern Idlib, activists and rescue workers have said, in the biggest such mass movement since September. These mass evacuations come as Syrian government forces have gained control over parts of southern and eastern Idlib, breaking through the rebel groups' front lines. Syrian state news agency Sana reported on Sunday that the army was able to "clear the villages and farms" in the Maaret al-Numaan district, describing at least 20 villages cleared of "terrorists". The latest escalation, led by intense aerial raids on civilian infrastructures in southeastern Idlib broke months of deadlock on the front lines. reference :