Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January) is a national commemoration day in the United Kingdom dedicated to remember those who suffered in The Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution, and in subsequent genocides.

Our future
I want to make this city a new home

for me and my family,

to improve my English

to communicate better

with the English people in my community.

I wish for an end to COVID.

I need the freedom

to work out what to do with my life.

I pray for leave to remain

so I can see my family again.

One day
One day, when I was speaking with my grandad,
I felt, out of the blue, how he was lucky.
He was still alive. He had survived
After two types of concentration camps:
The Nazis and Stalin. (Natalia)

One day I had to leave my home country.
Not only my home country, but also
My whole life:
My childhood. My family.
Everything. (Jose)

One day I hope my country will be free of its autocratic government,
and the people will enjoy the rights that they want. (Robel)
One day I hope, in my country,
There will be no more killing.
A fair and happy life.
Equal services for everybody.
That children will have a happy childhood,
A successful life and equal chances in jobs,
regardless of their race or origin.

One day I hope to go back home without any fear,
There is no one day I don’t want to be back.
Now I am in a foreign country,
Trying to live, to make a life, to start everything over. (Jose)
One day I hope everybody respects the rights of others.
Now I am in the UK and I feel free to express my opinion.
One day I hope that we can live in a better world
Where violence doesn’t exist. (Guissela)
One day I hope that every human can have fair and equal rights.
No killing, no fighting and a free life.
Everywhere in the world, peace and justice. (Runda)

I hope for Peace
After I entered Britain,
Something dropped from my shoulders
And I got relief.

One day I hope to get leave to remain,
So I can create a new life here in the UK.
So I can live a full life.

I hope I will get my leave to remain so
I can communicate with all people
By sharing different cultures.

One day I hope to be employed.
I hope to train as a HGV driver
To help myself and my family.
One day I hope to visit Turkey and Switzerland
Because I like these countries.
One day I hope to buy a car.
One day I hope to live my life freely.

One day I hope, when I get my living permit
from the UK government,
my family will join me.
I love my family too much.

I hope my family has sustainable work,
I hope they will be well educated and have professions,
I hope they will have peace in the UK.

I hope that one day by country will be safe.
Will be free from dictatorship.
That one day women and children can live safely.
I hope one day there will be a Prime Minister
To help my country;
One that is not corrupt.
I hope to find solutions to climate change.
I hope that Coronavirus will be eradicated from the world,
Because so many people are dying.
I hope the wars will end.

I hope for Peace.
I hope for Democracy.
I hope for Equality.