Uighurs suffer the largest humanitarian crime

Arbitrary detention camps

Uighurs are Muslims and their origins go back to the Turkic peoples, and they consider themselves ethnically and culturally closer to the nations of Central Asia.
Uighurs make up about 45 percent of Xinjiang's population, while the Han Chinese account for about 40 percent. Uighurs suffer the largest humanitarian and sectarian crime on the world.
In light of an unprecedented global silence, there are no signs of an end to the tragedy.

It is not clear how many people are currently being held against their will by the state in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Conservative estimates put the number of ethnic Uighurs - and other Muslim minorities held under some form of detention since 2017 - between one and 1.5 million.
Beijing calls this practice their response to the threat of "three evils - extremism, terrorism and separatism". Along with word-of-mouth, informer-based surveillance, and the latest technologies - facial recognition, voice pattern sequencing and DNA profiling - a key tool being used by the state is good old-fashioned propaganda.
The media outlets at its disposal do not call them internment camps or prisons. Instead, they are referred to as "centers for re-education" or even "thought transformation".

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