Anti-rape protest in several cities in Albania: For stolen childhood

Anti-rape protest in several cities in Albania: For stolen childhood

Thousands of young people, activists, girls and women, artists and psychologists on the afternoon of June 4, 2020 in several cities of the country protested against sexual abuse of children and various forms of violence against women and the stolen childhood. The incident that happened a few days ago on the outskirts of Tirana where the victim a 15-year-old little girl had been sexually abused for some time by the school guard and some other young men.brought together thousands of people today to demand more rights and more justice from state institutions in these cases, as only in recent years there have been some serious cases in some schools in the country
With placards in hand, such as: "the place of suffering of the womens " and calls such as: "Talk to children", "Keep children close", "Denounce violence", "You are not alone", "No more violence’’ "Don't be afraid, raise your voice," "Pedophiles have a place in prison, not in schools," "Stop sexual abuse," "I belong to myself." Large crowds also marched in the direction of the prime minister's office and the ministry of education office.

I couldn’t be there to protest, but I can still raise my voice. I saw a lot people there, but we need to be even more together, boys, fathers, brothers, to encourage those hundreds of others who can't complain, for fear that only violence knows language.
When a girl, a woman, a mother is raped, a life, a family, a society is shocked. In Albania, protests were held for all children and girls whose childhood was stolen, against abuse, rape and violence.
Every seven seconds in the world, a girl under the age of 15 marries, often forced by her parents, into a marriage with a much older man. Every year, there are about 15 million bridesmaids, and 4 million of them have not turned 15.
According to a report titled "Stolen Child", presented by Save The Children, it is explained that early marriages have a devastating effect on the lives of young girls, who are forced to give up their childhood and school, as they have to take care for the family. Young girls are also at risk of sexually transmitted diseases or domestic violence, leading to the death of many.
We all born equal and with non-violable rights. "Your freedom ends where the freedom of another begins". Isn't it a complete word, and with a very strong message! How nice it would be if we members of society, integrate this expression, respect each other's decisions, not to violate and abuse it.
I don't think society will lower the level of unpleasant, low, denigrating phenomena, putting pressure and isolation on girls. On the contrary, she should teach both gender that decisions, desires, positions of the other or the other should be agreed and not violated.
The more a gender is given priority in a certain issue, the more the more the gap of inequality and submission will deepen. No one would want to be subjected, offended, humble, labelled, printed and undergrounding. Then in order not to form this type of gender based on bias and oppression, it is needed that each gender should keep its attitude and respect the other side.
That girls and women are more fragile nature than boys and men, that in no way means you have to be superior to them. No, no, no! I say it with full conviction.
Social relations are created on the basis of agreement, faith, care, mutual respect, not for oppression.
What can we expect from a society where children are the object where it is cruel abused on them, where nothing is understood because " then the child will take our face ", " we will become the gas of the world ". Silence is not the solution right to this phenomenon, because this is how these "infected" branches of society will spread at great speed and without being understood in the tree of society.
So they need to be given good moral breeding to children so that they can be a valuable example for when they grow up and skills.
Teach your children with the spirit of equality, respect for the other gender, enter their world to understand where they go.. and so everything can improve in society, because they are the future."
Dear parents... Take some time to your daughters, listening and advice them, pray as much love and freedom, so that they know how to make their own decisions, you do not feel less female, but even more powerful when you make a decision Powerful, this never reduces your feminality, keeping in a glaberated way, leads it to the wrong step in the future. Today that I have taken the steps I have realized that my nature doesn't care me if it scares men, all for myself that the types of men who are afraid of our personality are exactly the types of men, which we have no interest I don't know.
Today I want to raise my voice, but not scream, but for those who cannot express themselves, can be heard...
... this country can never succeed, this cause can never be pressed if half of us don't hurry..."

Written by:Refugeehome's volunteer F.P

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