1. Coronavirus Health

What is social distancing and why is it important?
English , Arabic , Sorani , Tigrinya

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus and what should I do if I'm ill?
Arabic , Farsi , Sorani , Tigrinya , Dari

How can I stay well during Coronavirus?
Sorani , Arabic , Farsi , Tigrinya , Dari

How to slow the spread of Coronavirus?
Arabic , Sorani , Tigrinya , Farsi , Dari

How to celebrate Ramadan safely during Coronavirus?
English , Tigrinya

Coronavirus (Covid19) Guidance
English , Arabic , ALBANIAN , Amharic , Farsi , Pashto , SPANISH

Coronavirus (COVID-19): an easy-read guide on protecting extremely vulnerable people

2. Coronavirus Mental Health

This is a very usefulpresentation from Lancashire Mind, on helping us cope with change in our lives.
This is an animated presentation about the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. The 5 ways to feeling better emotionally and physically are:
  1. Connect (for example, communicate with friends, family, learners, teachers, Global Link)
  2. Be active (walk, run, cycle, play football, go to Claver Hill farm etc)
  3. Take notice (for example, observe the flowers and birds of spring)
  4. Learn (English, or other online courses)
  5. Give (Helping others, volunteering, go to Claver Hill farm).
  6. This is a link to a clip which explains them through animation.

Looking after your mental health Click here
This very useful guidance uses tried and tested breathing,and other, techniques to help you cope with anxiety and stress in:
English    Albanian    Arabic   Farsi    Urdu    Tigrinya    Sorani    Pashto   

3. Coronavirus Housing

CIH working with migrants and refugees during the COVID 19 crisis

4. Coronavirus Domestic Violence

Corona Crisis:Survival Kit for Men under pressure
English - Arabic

5.Asylum seekers and Refugees

if you are an asylum seeker or refugee in the UK, please check the following information about what changes in policy and practice have taken place as a result of corona-virus and may affect you. Click here

6. Parenting Support

The Parenting for Lifelong Health project has produced a resource on parenting during the Covid-19 pandemic, aimed at supporting some of the most vulnerable families during this crisis. The resource is available in over 50 languages at