I left my lovely Country

It is not easy to leave the country where you were born to go for an unknown future to start a new life in every sense of the word.
A homeland is not only a place or land but a family, memories, dreams and friends. Yes, Palestine! I left the land of peace, which does not see peace
Yes! I left my family nearly two years ago
I went from Palestine to Jordan because we do not have an airport and then to France. I stayed in France for several months which were not easy. I travelled to many cities and then went to Britain.
It was not my first visit to Europe when I arrived in Britain. I lived with English families in Bristol. They were very kind. In Lancaster I met many friends and the Global Link Foundation and every day I try to integrate with the community more and more and participate in all occasions.
I have a great ambition to complete my studies as I have finished studying biology in Palestine.
Now I have spent more than a year waiting for the decision and it has not yet come. I hope that the papers will come soon so I can continue my life in this country.
I offer my best to this country that has opened its doors to me.