The world needs to know what is happening in Yemen

A BRUTAL civil war raging in Yemen has claimed more than 16,000 lives and left 13million people on the brink of starvation. The conflict has been dubbed a "proxy war" among competing powers in the Middle East as a Saudi-led coalition battles rebels backed by Iran.

The war in Yemen destroyed countless families. Due to the war that has been going on for about 7 years, where humanitarian drama is taking place, 80 percent of the population needs humanitarian aid.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in Yemen by airstrikes shellings and ground battles since 22 March 2015. Over 12,000 civilians were killed in direct attacks of which 8,000 were killed by the Saudi-led coalition.

According to a December 2019 report nearly 16 million people don;t have enought to eat and are in urgent need of emergency assistance.

There are people dying and they are innocent, every pathway they try to escape from is a dead end zone, no where to run and no where to hide because these are the people that are left behind, even their own passaports have been confiscated so that no one can find ways to migrate from one place to other for safety and protection, even trying to cross the borders, they don't even get accepteed because they are given restricted acces leaving them with no form of direction but to find them displaced making their homes outside the border! Everything that Yemen has is going, people dignity, their lifes, their worth and ownership of lands they had, is demolished, there's so much torture in parts of Yemen particularly in Taiz, Hodeidah, Al Jawf, Ad Daliand Qatabah which many don't speak about the actual attacts going on in these areas, the recorded cases of attacks is bigger than the deaths in the most common cities that are usually focused on , the UN says it is the worst humanitarian crisis but yet what are we actually doing about it? We are in 2020, what changes have been made since the war began, all I can see is more deaths and more children dying from starvation, no one in the public eye hasn't even put forward a strategic plan to stop the crisis from happening, not even thought about the people especially the children going throught it on and on again they end up dying, this is not the life for them and shouldn't be difficult for us to follow on what's going on, it takes just a few minutes to set up that time right, finding a plan to create a solution to deal with the actual barrier that is causing their lives to be in so much agony.

How could you not speak out for Yemen? how could you sleep at night knowing that around 400,000 children and babies in Yemen look exactly like this infant - emaciated, in agony, starving to death? After knowing this fact, how can you even stay silent? While a child dies every 10 minutes. What makes you not care for Yemeni people? How is it that Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and other oppressed countries have a voice and that there is more media coverage on these oppressed countries except for Yemen, right now as we speak Yemen is suffering and people are crying out for help but where is everybody and where is the muslim ummah, they have given a voice to only Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Gaza and other oppressed countries but not Yemen, Yemen is among suffering other Muslim countries so why is it that your so quiet when it comes to Yemen? They are living under the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, they need a voice and they need help.
We need to understand that we are fortunate and no matter what our circumstances is during the pandemic, at least there’s measures in place to keep us safe! Yemen isn’t faced with these opportunities and choices, a life where they can change their own way of living, they don’t get this chance like we get instead all they do is hope and accept their life of how they are living in now even if their life is at risk, you have children who are lower than their BMI, children who used to talk and move but are now slowly deteriorating preventing them from speaking and moving, when the children cy , they only give them sugar and water, the families can’t afford anything to give their childen even medical treatment to aid them because how normally it is for Yemen to have nothing and being in the state of poverty, families can only watch their children die and this is how it always has been since the war began! If you think you are not fortunate, you need to look at those who are more worse off than you!

Written by:Refugeehome's volunteer F.P