Free country is priceless

Persecution, torture, murder, racism, and the violation of the sanctity of humanity are the reasons why I left Sudan with the help of my family. I headed for Britain on an arduous and risky journey, where your life could be over and no one will know what happened to you.
When you arrive you are full of joy mixed with a huge amount of sensations because you survived death and at the same time your head is overwhelmed with great sadness because you left your family behind. You do not know what will be their fate.
Thoughts go around in your head and you are tired and weak, frustrated and despairing, discomforted and bitter. You cannot sleep and have nightmares. You forget words, names and appointments. You cannot concentrate, and have headaches, stomach disorders and a number of other physical symptoms. You feel fear, mistrust, and are unable to connect with the new community. And there is a long way to walk until your situation becomes legal.
I did not come here for money or benefits; safety and freedom were my main concerns. I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to become a free citizen who is entitled to a normal life. Bringing up our children in a free country is priceless.