There are four options available to you for your housing needs:
  • Local Authority / Council property
  • Private rented accommodation
  • Hostels
  • Family or friends
HOUSING OPTIONS : Local Authority/Council Housing
Clients will be required to present homeless to their local authority (the area where they were granted status) A client will be assessed at this point:

1. Is the client homeless? Client should receive a letter from Serco stating the date of which Asylum Support is due to end. This is also known as a ‘Notice to quit’
2. Does the client have a local connection to the area? Local connection means:
• if you lived in the local authority for more than six months
• Have a full-time job in the local authority that you are applying
• If you have an immediate family member (father, mother, brothers or sisters) who lived in the local authority you are applying for minimum 5 years
3. Does the client have additional needs / circumstances?
Such as medical, children, pregnancy, elderly.
If so the client may be deemed as a priority need.

HOUSING OPTIONS: Private Rented Accommodation Clients can seek private rented accommodation; local connection is not required however clients will need to be aware that:
  • Private landlords usually require deposits and advance payments prior to letting a property.
  • You will be required to sign minimum 6-month agreement
  • You may need to source all household goods, and most are unfurnished.
HOUSING OPTIONS: Hostel Accommodation
A Hostel is temporary accommodation where residents have their own room but share the kitchen and bathroom with other people.
This is an option given to people in urgent need of accommodation and is usually temporary.